White Glove Shipping Service

While all our items are always packed carefully some things are generally unavoidable when shipping records in the mail, particularly when it comes to the record jacket: corner dings, slight creases, and of course the dreaded SEAM SPLIT. 

A seam split is unfortunately a common issue when shipping records through the postal system. It occurs when the record is jostled around in the packaging, causing the vinyl to move and “split” through the jacket itself. While it doesn’t happen all the time, it is sadly an inherent risk with mail order records. The only way to completely avoid this from happening is to remove the vinyl prior to packing and to have it ship outside the sleeve. Sometimes your records need more TLC!  

For this little extra protection, select the White Glove Shipping Service add-on. The Ship to Shore PhonoCo. team will hand-pick everything to ensure that those nasty shipping gremlins (or ghoulies if you prefer) are avoided as much as humanly possible. Think of it as an extra layer of insurance to ensure your order arrives in as perfect condition as can be. 

To avoid seam split damage, we carefully remove the vinyl from its jacket and original inner sleeve, and place it in a brand new blank poly-lined inner sleeve for protection. It is then shipped outside of its original jacket and inner sleeve in the same package. Everything is preserved!

Please note that you only need one add-on per order.

Selecting this service may produce slightly longer shipping times.

We do not accept returns, exchanges or refunds for seam split damage.

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