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Tiny Tim - Tip Toe To The Gas Pumps 45

They say that things are shaping up,
But only time will tell,
Why, I've got more oil in my hair,
Than you've got in your wells! 

We have recently stumbled across more copies of Tiny Tim's 1979 single "Tip Toe To The Gas Pumps" (B/W "The Hickey On Your Neck") than anyone should ever have ... Recorded in response to the gas shortage of 1979; Tiny Tim had a fondness for reworking his biggest hit and never turned down a producer with an idea to capitalize on then-current headlines and trends i.e. "TipToe Disco" and "I Saw Mr. Presley TipToeing Thru' The Tulips." This single was written and produced by then-soon-to-be action film star David Heavener. The record pierced the rock charts and the ensuing publicity saw Tiny Tim perform the track on Merv Griffin, Mike Douglas, and, in what would be his final appearance on the program with Johnny Carson as host, The Tonight Show. Pick up a copy of this rare single today. NOTE: This is "new" old stock! 

Side A

Tip Toe to the Gas Pumps

Side B

The Hickey on Your Neck