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Tiny Tim - The Boxlers: A Dramatic Reading


The year was 1990 and the setting, Tiny Tim’s Holiday Inn hotel room in Denton, Texas. While surrounded by friends, Bucks Burnett, Miss Barley Vogel, and Miss Stephanie "The Eternal Princess" Bohn, Tiny would produce an elaborate reading of what has now been released as, Tiny Tim -- A Dramatic Reading, The Boxlers: A Family History Written as it Occurred. It so happens that Tiny's 1990 visit to Denton, Texas coincided with Mr. Burnett's preoccupation with a series of letters he had received between 1986-87 from a mysterious Mr. Boxler. Tiny's reading consists of a 45 page letter received by Mr. Burnett from Mr. Boxler, out the 78 total letters Burnett received.

For the complete, sordid history of Bucks Burnett, The Boxlers and how it all pertains to Mr. Tiny Tim, please read our new blog Unboxing Boxler: The History of Tiny Tim's Only Spoken Word Album.

This recording puts the listener in the daily life of a Boxler, a household filled with a TV obsessed family -- characters that would be fitting for a Tod Browning film, perhaps. Tiny Tim narrates and impersonates the Boxlers, executing it to a T(T), with his trademark, eccentric charm. The tapes demonstrate Tiny’s considerable talent as a voice actor. Through these recordings, the listener experiences the eeriness of the family’s sheltered lives; everything from their intense appreciation of art, to Tiny’s peculiar descriptions (“Billy’s clubbed foot and Mr. Boxler’s girth at 449 pounds”). The Boxlers show the family exploring their interests, fears, desires, and overall bizarre existential thoughts, which they investigate together and through which they find solace.

This recording is the only dramatic reading by Tiny Tim. His spoken word performance was live with no rehearsal or second takes. Tiny's first viewing of the material was during the reading that you hear. Recorded by Bucks Burnett in Denton, Texas at the Holiday Inn, 1990. 

1. Bucks Burnett Intro with "Boxler Theme" 
2. Title Announcement by Tiny Tim
3. The Boxler Family
4. Billy's Search
5. The Boxlers Watch TV
6. Nothing New At The Boxlers
7. Billy's Clubfoot
8. Mr. Boxler Doubts Himself
9. Jeffrey's Problem
10. The Pet Cat
11. The Edge of the Universe
12. Billy Learns About Caves
13. Synthia Says Her Prayers
14. Meanwhile Jimmy Dreams
15. The Boxlers At Breakfast
16. The Boxlers Sleep
17. A Funny Happy Story
18. Mr. Boxler Has Mechanical Difficulty
19. Synthia's Toy
20. Billy Bathes
21. Mr. Boxler Takes Pictures
22. The Boxler
23. Synthia Sees A Stranger
24. Mr. Boxler Bathes
25. Jeffrey Scours The Tub
26. The Boxlers Have A Mezuza
27. Billy's Book (Jeffrey's Book)
28. Synthia Speaks In Tongues
29. Mr. Boxler Insulates
30. The Boxlers' End
31. The Boxlers' House Didn't Burn
32. Synthia Has A Book
33. Bette Davis
34. Synthia Writes A Poem
35. Jeffrey Transubstantiates
36. Mr. Boxler Finds The Solvent