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Tiny Tim & Isadore Fertel - War Between the Sexes EP


This is the split 7 inch that just had to happen: 

Tiny Tim on record together with his protege Isadore "Izzy" Fertel.

Pop sensation Tiny Tim discovered Isadore Fertel in the early Seventies and saw a kindred spirit in the balding, nasal-voiced, women's lib activist-turned-singer. From his friendship with members of the Church of Satan to naming Fertel as his opening act, the staunchly anti-women's lib Tiny Tim had no problem collaborating with those whose views he opposed.

In 1973, Tiny produced two recordings for Fertel - Fertel's own tirbute to Susan B. Anythony, aptly titled "Susan B," and a cover of Helen Reddy's "I Am Woman - which he then released as a single in a very limited quantity on his own record label, Toilet Records. 

In 1996, Tiny, perhaps drunk, put down on tape what could only be described as his belated-rebuttal to Fertel's single; his own compositions "I Made Wee Wee In My Panties" and "Anti-Women's Lib Song." The tape was later discovered by Tiny Tim archivist and collector Ernie Clark.

Now, both sets of tracks are available on one glorious colored 45 RPM record with extensive liner notes from Tiny Tim biographer Justin Martell. 

Digital Edition includes both wav and mp3 versions.

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