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Things (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

Terrorvision presents, the first ever release of this “Canuxploitation” gem. Music pulled from original tapes and LP layout put together by actor/writer Barry J. Gillis. Gatefold packaging & album artwork/layout by Earl Kess. 


Side A

1. Bombs Away
2. Tailspin
3. Don't Go That Way
4. Criminally Insane
5. Things Theme
6. Serial Lover
7. Mind Control 

Side B

1. Get a Feel for For It
2. Snicker
3. Mr. Careful
4. Odd Guitar
5. Arfie & Barfie
6. Piano Madness
7. Tailspin (Reprise)
8. Gentle Breeze

Side C

1. Don't You Dorks Bring Any Food?
2. Things Theme Uncut
3. Susan's Sick
4. Too Much To Dream
5. They Ate Susan
6. Vampirella vs Elvira
7. Feeling of Emptiness
8. Piano Madness Full
9. Violent Solitude

Side D

1. I Think I'm Being Possessed
2. Bounce back
3. Things 1989
4. Commitments
5. Echoes into Insanity
6. I Want to Kill
7. Shit
8. She Waits
9. Odd Piano
10. Man For All Reasons
11. Dead or Alive