The Truth About Tiny Tim Movie


On July 5, 1994, Tiny Tim and his producer, manager, fan club president and confidant Big Bucks Burnett met for a videotaped interview in Tiny Tim's hotel room at the La Quinta Inn in Dallas, Texas. The ensuing 90-minute interview is one of the most revealing and outrageous of Tiny Tim's career. It is the ONLY interview in existence of Tiny Tim detailing his COMPLETE beauty and hygienic routines, favorite consumer products and the place in the recesses of his mind where it all intersects with God. Uncut and unfiltered, this interview must be seen to be believed!

Tiny Tim's hygiene, beauty regimens and obsession with consumer products were scrutinized by a bemused press and public ever since he became an international superstar in 1968. By the 1990s, interest in Tiny Tim was renewed by a wave of nostalgia for '60s acts as well as his frequent appearances on the Howard Stern Show. With little interest in Tiny Tim as a performer, Stern focused on Tiny's eccentricities and Tiny made a number of SHOCKING admissions including, but not limited to the fact that he wore Depends adult diapers and was impotent.

As one of Tiny Tim's closest associates, Big Bucks Burnett knew that true depths of Tiny Tim's obsessions and compulsions could not be fully explored on the Howard Stern Show. In this candid, 90-minute interview, Tiny Tim enthusiastically fields Big Bucks' questions, covering all the hot-button topics about his hygiene, beauty, consumer products and God while dispelling several myths in his own words.

'The Truth About Tiny Tim: As Told By Tiny Tim' is a MUST-see for Tiny Tim fans, enthusiasts and the curious onlooker alike.

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