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The Last Drive-In - Original Television Series Soundtrack EP


In July 2018, Shudder made drive-in movie history when it announced the return of Joe Bob Briggs - the world's foremost authority on drive-in cinema and beloved host of Joe Bob’s Drive-In Theater and MonsterVision in the ’80s and ’90s - for what was to be a one-time 24-hour horror movie marathon. That 24-hour marathon is now legendary in the annals of streaming service history as so many fans tuned in to watch that they famously crashed the Shudder network. Fans rejoiced when the marathon was quickly followed by two holiday specials, "The Dinners of Death" for Thanksgiving and "A Very Joe Bob Christmas," as well as a full season of brand-new, double-feature episodes which aired in spring 2019. 

With his triumphant return as the world's favorite Lone Star-swilling, wise-cracking horror host, Joe Bob Briggs brought with him a brand-new cast of characters who also quickly became fan favorites, including the Twitter-savvy Darcy the Mail Girl (played by horror lover Diana Prince), Yuki the Production Designer, and the show's Production Manager and all-around song-and-dance man, John Brennan. Brennan's duets with Joe Bob on "Nobody Sees the Flowers But Me" and "The Legend of Madman Marz" became instant-classic moments on the show, and when Brennan and the Bigfeet's theme "Joe Bob Is Back in Town" played in the opening moments of the 2018 marathon, Joe Bob fans everywhere asked how they could get a copy of the song. Ship To Shore PhonoCo. quickly sold out of our subsequent 45 release of the show's theme, bundled with the rollicking compilation of Brennan's music, Celebrated Standards: Vol 1.

Fortunately for fans, John Brennan contributed brand-new material to the soundtrack of The Last Drive-In: Season 1 with a punk version of "The Drive-In Oath" (with lyrics by Joe Bob Briggs) as well as an "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)"-inspired remix of the same for the season finale's closing credits. But the great new songs did not stop there; John Brennan famously closed out the final feature of the season, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II, on screen. Resplendent in a sequined tuxedo jacket and wielding an electric guitar, Brennan delivered his dreamy, doo-wop-inspired "Come On Mary Lou (It's Prom Night II)" as Joe Bob crowned Darcy the prom queen of The Last Drive-In.  

Ship To Shore PhonoCo. are proud to offer The Last Drive-In: Season 1 EP on special-edition 7'' blue vinyl, featuring the show's original and acoustic theme song, and updated with John Brennan's latest and greatest tracks from The Last Drive-In: Season 1. For the Drive-In Mutants who just can't get enough of John Brennan, we are bundling this release with John Brennan's Celebrated Standards: Vol 2. Running the gamut from Brennan's theme for Fangoria's hit podcast Casualty Friday (hosted by horror icons Kane Hodder, Felissa Rose, and Tiffany Shepis) to the raunchy comedy of “Vagina (Live at the Laugh Factory),” and showcasing the pop sensibilities of “Don’t Get It Twisted,” the traditional Irish roots of “Fist on a Pint,” and the hip-hop stylings of “Fat Mofos Don’t Dance,” Celebrated Standards: Vol 2 is an eclectic sampling of John Brennan’s experiments in genre over the years.

No record player? No cassette player? No problem! Both releases come with one free digital download with every purchase. 

The Last Drive-In: Season 1 7'' EP

Side A

1. Joe Bob Is Back in Town
2. The Drive-In Oath
3. Joe Bob Is Back in Town (Acoustic Version)

Side B

1. Come On Mary Lou (It's Prom Night II)
2. The Drive-In Oath (Remix)

Celebrated Standards: Vol. 2

Side A

1. The Drive-In Oath
2. Weird Cuisine
3. Wine Is for the Cuntin' French
4. Fat Mofos Don't Dance
5. Titty Bounce
6. Vagina (Live at the Laugh Factory)
7. Reindeer Makin' It Rain
8. I Am a Janitor
9. The Escalator Pitch (Theme Song)
10. Full Blown Quincy Jones

Side B

1. Don't Get It Twisted
2. Mexican Sandwich
3. Fistful of Fantasies
4. Fist on a Pint
5. Gavone
6. Come On Mary Lou (It's Prom Night II)
7. LSD
8. Casualty Friday (Theme Song)