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Stuntman - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

The jazz beat soundtrack, composed by Maestro Rustichelli for the Caper / Crime Movie "Stuntman" directed by Marcello Baldi in 1968. The film starred Gina Lollobrigida, Robert Viharo, Marisa Mell and Marie Dubois. The orchestra was directed in the studio by Bruno Nicolai, with the participation of Alessandro Alessandroni's "I Cantori Moderni" (The Modern Singers) choir and was produced by Franco De Gemini. The first print of this soundtrack was released by CAM in 1969 and is one of the most sought after records by record collectors around the globe.

Composed by Carlo Rostichelli.

Track List:

1. Controfigura
2. We're Two, At Least
3. Russian Dance
4. Per Tutte Le Strade
5. Swing E Sasso
6. Old Night Club Sound
7. Two Cars Only
8. Per Tutte Le Strade
9. We're Two, At Least
10. Swing E Sesso
11. Controfigura
12. Two Cars Only
13. Per Tutte Le Strade
14. Swing E Sesso
15. Controfigura
16. Per Tutte Le Strade Del Mondo
17. Controfigura
18. Russian Dance
19. Swing E Sesso
20. Swing E Sesso
21. Stuntman Seq. 1
22. Stuntman Seq. 2
23. Stuntman Seq. 3
24. Swing E Sesso
25. Two Cars Only
26. Old Night Club Sound
27. Swing E Sesso
28. Controfigura