Steins;Gate (Original Series Soundtrack)

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Steins;Gate Original Soundtrack

What would you do if you harnessed the ability to change the past? Would the outcome be better or worse than your present? Very Ok Vinyl opens the portal to find out with Steins;Gate Original Soundtrack. This 2009 Visual Novel game developed by MAGES spins the story ofOkabe Rintaro after he receives a text message from the future and the ripple of change that creates. This soundtrack covers all the emotions of Okabe’s epic adventure of past, present, and future, to change it back. We dare you to travel through the fast-paced synth, heart-felt piano, harpsichord, and suspenseful orchestral strings. This is a powerfully emotive compilation, busting with the intensity of every decision. You will not be the same when you return.


Side 1

1. GATE OF STEINER -Main theme-
2. スカイクラッドの観測者 Short Ver.
3. The universe
4. Laboratory
5. Suspicious eyes
6. Noisy times
7. Explanation
8. Quiet air
9. Select of sorrow
10. Ringing -GATE OF STEINER-

Side 2

1. Walking on sleeping
2. Cycle
3. Network battle
5. Assailant
6. Yanagibayashi
7. The Limit
8. Crossroads
9. Ringing -Reunion-

Side 3

2. Chaos mind
3. Self affirmation
4. Human community
5. Urd
6. Believe me
7. Solitude
8. Hack -short vision-
9. Ringing -Beginning of fight-

Side 4

2. hesitative consideration
3. Fake Verthandi
4. マスカレード ~ノア第三章列王新世紀編より~ Short Ver.
5. 運命のファルファッラ Short Ver.
6. Another Heaven Short Ver.
7. Technovision Short Ver.
8. Ringing  -Easygoingness-

Intended enjoyment speed: 33RPM
Steins;Gate is copyright MAGES and NitroPlus.
Soundtrack is copyright MAGES.
Layout and release coordination by Scott Geoffrey.

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