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Russian Subway Dogs - Original Game Soundtrack LP

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

Very Ok Vinyl is proud to present...

Russian Subway Dogs Original Soundtrack on split gold/red Vinyl!

Composed by Peter Chapman (Guacamelee!, LittleBigPlanet Karting, Modnation Racers, Daft Science)Russian Subway Dogs pulls heavily from Balkan and Slavic sounds mixed with chiptune themes. 

Russian Subway Dogs was developed by Spooky Squid Inc. It is a faced paced, arcade game, where you juggle vodka, cook bears and more to increase your score!

Each record comes with: 
- 24pt Jacket
- X-Ray printed record sleeve
- X-ray record essay by Jordan McCormack published under "The Daily Reputable" 
- Vinyl exclusive track, "Crunk Canine Rabid Overture" 
- Original artwork from Russian Subway Dogs creator, Miguel Steinberg

Check out the game on SteamItch.ioHumble Bundle or PS Vita!
Check out the OST Peter's Bandcamp!

Track listing:

A1. Russian Subway Dogs Theme
A2. Intro
A3. Elektrozavodskaya
A4. Taganskaya
A5. Kievskaya
A6. Komsomolskaya
A7. Rumyantsevo
A8. Dostoevskaya
A9. Novoslobodskaya
B10. Crunk Canine Rabid Overture
B11. The Map
B12. Slavyansky Bulvar
B13. Bittsevsky Park
B14. Arbatskaya
B15. Slavyansky Bulvar (Alt)
B16. Beyond the Map
B17. Credits

Intended enjoyment speed: 45RPM

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