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Piper - Summer Breeze LP


Hard-to-find on vinyl since its original pressing in Japan, 1983, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present our release of Piper’s much-loved LP SUMMER BREEZE.

Lie back and allow the smooth warming embrace of the music take you to a care-free land of grooves and synth-pop funk, where the sand is soft and the sea gently laps at your toes. Lick your lips and you’ll swear you can taste the salty sea air!

Available on gorgeous translucent blue vinyl with a 24x24 poster included, blue audio cassette tape and a limited edition 3CD box (AVAILABLE HERE) set that features the three Piper albums Summer Breeze, Sunshine Kiz and Gentle Breeze. Piper fans and aficionados of J-Pop fusion will not want to miss out on this!

Also available is a Summer Breeze headband as well as a Piper branded totebag, only available as a limited bundle deal.

Side A

1. Shine On
2. Summer Breeze
3. Hot Sand
4. Gentle Shower
5. Twilight

Side B

1. Samba Night
2. Starlight Love
3. Night Shore
4. Angel Smile
5. Moonlight Beach