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Machinarium - Original Game Soundtrack LP

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

After long eight months in the making, the new full-length album by Tomas Dvorak, more known using Floex moniker, and follow-up to "Samorost 2" soundtrack is out now as limited 12"LP on Minority Records. The original idea behind Machinarium Soundtrack came into the life when Amanita Design head honcho Jakub Dvorsky asked Tomas to prepare compositions for his newly prepared and eagerly awaited point-and-click adventure flash game Machinarium in the same manner as he did for "Samorost 2", e.g. ambient and electro-acoustic compositions overlapping into classical music. It's no secrets that Tomas is particularly interested in joining electronic and acoustic instruments together, the only difference in composing for Machinarium was that the tracks were supposed to be longer than in the previous work for "Samorost 2". The composer himself says on the mood of the whole album:

"I personally like to make songs that are more melancholic, full of deeper emotions. The music in the last part of the game is probably closest to this mood. It's also more acoustical, including the piano."

It is good to point out that the compositions on LP are not entirely the same as in the flash game, they were carefully remixed and mastered for the purposes of the standalone soundtrack which turned out as gorgeous set of compositions which is wonderful beyond compare. The beauty of greatly orchestrated subtle electro-acoustic pieces makes you to sit back and listen in for hours and shifts you into a higher levels of cognition.

MACHINARIUM is a point-and-click adventure game by Amanita Design, the makers of "Samorost" and "Samorost 2" flash games con- centrating on art design. In 2009 at IGF Festival in San Francisco, USA Machinarium won the category "Excellence in Visual Art", it has been nominated for Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) Awards and picked up over 22 awards across the world to date.

TOMAS DVORAK (Floex), born in 1978, graduated in new media department at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague in 2006. His work has been always significant for its seek between visual medias and music, exploring interactive works and installations almost always based on the musical themes. Floex's debut CD "Pocustone" has been awarded in electronic music category in Czech Music Academy Awards (2002), nominated to European awards (Qwardz) in the discovery category (2004). The main live performances includes Stubnitz (Rotterdam NL), Big Chill (Easton Castle Deer Park, UK), Global Beats (Krotoszyn, Poland), and Zoobizarre (Bordeaux, France).


1. The Bottom
2. The Sea
3. Clockwise Operetta
4. Nanorobot Tune
5. The Mezzanine
6. By The Wall
7. Mr. Handagote
8. Gameboy Tune
9. The Furnace
10. The Black Cap Brotherhood Theme
11. The Prison
12. The Glasshouse With Butterfly
13. The Castle
14. The Elevator