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LSD ReVamped - Original Video Game Soundtrack


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the vinyl debut of Osamu Sato's LSD Revamped. Created in honor of the 20th anniversary of the cult hit Playstation game LSD Dream Emulator, LSD Revamped finds Mr. Sato revisitng his work, as well as enlisting a myriad of artists to produce remixes of the tracks. One of the most experimental and fascinating games and soundtracks of all time, this album should have a place on any serious collectors shelf!

Housed in a triple gatefold and featuring new artwork from Osamu Sato, this 3LP box set is pressed entirely on red vinyl.

Digital Edition includes both wav and mp3 versions.

Side A

1. Funky Solution 2018
2. Long Tall Eyelash / Ken Ishii Mix
3. Oriental Grill 2018
4. Fried Banana 2018

Side B

1. Come On And 2018
2. Fax Factory 2018
3. Say Cheeze / Q330 Mix
4. Fax Factory / Reiji Okamoto Mix

Side C

1. Funky Solution / Jimi Tenor Mix
2. Long Tall Eyelash 2018
3. Professional Problem / Pantune Mix

Side D

1. Professional Problem 2018
2. TV River / Morgan Geist Mix
3. Long Tall Eyelash / u-ziq Mix

Side E

1. Say Cheeze 2018
2. Fried Banana / Outassmao Mix
3. Oriental Grill / M.P.D. Mix

Side F

1. TV River 2018
2. Come On And / Outassmao Mix
3. Typhoon Tribe