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Josh Willis - Banana Jamz 199X LP

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

New music from Donkey Kong Country. 20+ tracks from the original 1994 Super Nintendo release. Over 40 minutes of music based on the incredibly memorable Donkey Kong Country soundtrack for the Super NES.

Music arranged and performed by Josh Willis. Available on opaque "jungle green" vinyl.

Side A

1. Theme
2. Simian Segue
3. DK Island Swing
4. Cranky's Theme
5. Cave Dweller's Concert
6. Bonus Room Blitz
7. Aquatic Ambiance
8. Candy's Love Song
9. Bad Boss Boogie
10. Mine Cart Madness
11. Life in the Mines

Side B

1. Voices of the Temple
2. Forest Frenzy
3. Treetop Rock
4. Funky's Fugue
5. Misty Menace
6. Northern Hemispheres
7. Ice Cave Chant
8. Fear Factory
9. Gang-Plank Galleon
10. K. Rool's Cacophany
11. The Credit's Concerto
12. End of Turn
13. End of Stage