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Joe Bob Briggs Slipmat

In collaboration with Mani-Yack Monsters (@maniyackmonsters), Ship to Shore PhonoCo.o is proud to present limited edition Joe Bob Briggs turntable slipmats! Drive-In Mutants can now listen to their vinyl in style! 

We teamed up with Mani-Yack Monsters to deliver the perfect holiday treat for Joe Bob fans and horror fans alike -- a slipmat featuring the mug of the man himself. Perfect for spinning your brand-new Joe Bob’s Jukebox Box Set!

Fans of his online shop and social media presence will undoubtedly recognize Mani-yack Monsters’ iconic, 1960’skaumagraph inspired style. You can find his other works (including his own set of vintage-horror themed slipmats, pins, stickers and much more) at mani-yackmonsters.com. 

Limited to 45 mats, get yours while you can!