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Jet Lancer - Original Video Game Soundtrack

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the soundtrack to the frenetic shoot ‘em up Jet Lancer, now available on vinyl!

With its cartoonish visage, smooth scrolling and high-velocity action, Jet Lancer was sure to become a cult favourite amongst gaming adrenaline junkies, but the inclusion of Fat Bard’s score cemented its popularity amongst public and critics alike.

A joyous digital infusion of melodic force, with echoes of French electronic duo Justice and the machine-gun guitar sound of metal band Fear Factory, yet completely maintaining its own individuality, this is one soundtrack that will appeal to fans across numerous genres - don’t miss it!

Side A

1. Jet Lancer
2. Missile Meet Cockpit
3. What’s The Situation
4. Barrel Roll or Die
5. Suit Up
6. Bravo Lima Alfa Siera Tango
7. You Win Some You Nuke Some

Side B

1. Afterburner
2. Funeral for a Mech
3. A Crack in the Glass
4. Paralysis Fuel
5. The Black Knight
6. Contrail Points to Come Home
7. Clear for Takeoff