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Il Killer - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

A 1969 co-production between Cinevic and Rai TV for a mini television series that was aired in 3 parts - April 17 to May 1, 1969 - directed by Dino Bartolo Partesano, under the production of Pino Passalacqua, and played by Valentina Cortese, Oreste Lionello and Paolo Villaggio. The promotional record, printed by CAM in 1969 and produced by Giuseppe Giacchi, features easy-listening instrumental material, performed by the orchestra directed by Maestro Ferrio, the 4 + 4 choir by Nora Orlandi and the voices of Olympia and Peppino Gagliardi in the songs "Sensitive Creature" and "Strange People", with lyrics written by Antonio Amurri and Partesano himself. Composed and orchestrated by Gianni Ferrio. Artistic production by Franco De Gemini.

Composed by Gianni Ferrio.

Track List:

Original Album:

1. Strana Gente
2. Mr. Ice Cream
3. Week-end On Ice
4. Mr. Ice Cream Again
5. Troppo Dolce? Prego!
6. Un Gelato Per Tutti
7. Una Creatura Sensible
8. Strana Gente
9. Mr. Ice Cream All'Opera
10. Billy's Ice Cream
11. Fino All'Ultimo Gelato
12. Pedigree
13. Semifreddo
14. Mr. Ice Cream Nel Chiostro
15. Nuovi Ricchi

Bonus Tracks:

16. Strana Gente
17. Week-end On Ice
18. Strana Gente
19. Mr. Ice Cream
20. Un Gelato Per Tutti
21. Strana Gente
22. Un Gelato Per Tutti
23. Mr. Ice Cream
24. Strana Gente
25. Une Creatura Sensible (Instrumental)
26. Mr. Ice Cream
27. Un Gelato Per Tutti
28. Mr. Ice Cream
29. Il Killer (Shake)
30. Un Gelato Per Tutti
31. Strana Gente (Bass Musicale)