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Danger 5 - Season 1 Original Soundtrack


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the first-ever physical release of Dario Russo’s soundtrack to the cult Australian TV comedy Danger 5: Season 1!

From members of the same team that brought the unforgettable Italian Spiderman project to the zeitgeist in 2007, Danger 5: Season 1 is a series set in a campy 60s interpretation of World War II, featuring talking dogs, Nazi dinosaurs and Japanese robo-pilots standing in the way of the international Danger 5 team’s continuing mission to stop the devious schemes of the Axis at all costs… and of course, kill Hitler. 

Borrowing inspiration from the atmospheric movie-jazz of Lalo Schifrin, 1960’s Japanese surf-rock, 70’s Italian exploitation soundtracks and much more besides, composer Dario Russo has created an authentic love-letter to the music of a bygone era, infused with the surreal comedy that has made Danger 5 the cherished program it is today. 

Making its debut on wax, Danger 5: Season 1 Original Soundtrack is available on limited edition “Bangkok Sunrise” 2LP vinyl in a gatefold jacket with new front cover artwork from artist Raph Lomotan and rare production stills & behind-the-scenes photos on the inside, inserts featuring action shots from the fan-favourite “Hitler window jump,” and liner notes from composer and show’s co-creator Dario Russo. This is one soundtrack package that is not to be missed… and just in time for the show’s 10th anniversary too!

Side A

1. Danger 5 Theme
2. The Black Dog
3. Madame Julietta
4. Diamond Girl Bar Fight
5. Nun Heist
6. This is a German Plane
7. Goring’s Base, Bahamas
8. Nassau
9. Italians
10. Baboon Voodoo
11. The Diamond Machine
12. Improvise
13. Hitler Jumps
14. Zeppelins Approach
15. The Petit Cheval
16. Nazi Raid
17. Fruit Madrid
18. Goebbels Grand Plan
19. Escape from the Orient
20. The Flaming Swastika

Side B

1. Opening the Box
2. American Attack
3. Celeste
4. The Statue Revealed
5. The Glass Coffee Table
6. The Swan Song
7. Happy Birthday, Mein Fuhrer
8. Nazi Dinosaurs
9. Afro-Cuban Rhythm Club
10. Jungle Springs
11. Purple Gas and Alcopromazine
12. Paradigm Shift
13. Wednesdays with Arthur
14. Fatcat Science
15. The Crystal
16. Welcome to Japan
17. Kill-Men of the Rising Sun
18. Chang’s Opium Pagoda
19. Hot Oil

Side C

1. Hirohito’s Theme
2. The Resort
3. Stalin’s Moustache
4. Gold Theme
5. The Casino
6. The Camel Club
7. La Mia Vita
8. The Restaurant Project
9. The Happy Pervert
10. Beans! Beans! Beans!
11. Himmler
12. Lemon Dan Diego’s
13. Oh Please
14. Swiss Place

Side D 

1. Gordon
2. Seed of Fatherhood
3. Nazi Monsters
4. Happiness is a Giant Crab
5. Neptunes
6. The Perils of the Sea
7. Lobster Bisque
8. Clones
9. Pierre Breaks Free
10. Gold, Fine Chocolates, Children
11. Danger Warrior
12. Victory Demon
13. The Void
14. The Future
15. John Product
16. Mission Accomplished