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AVGN 1 & 2 Deluxe - Original Video Game Soundtrack


Starting as a simple video game review show, The Angry Video Game Nerd essentially pioneered what is now considered the Internet Video Review genre. Created by and starring James Rolfe, he and his collaborators gained a massive fanbase with their reactions to retro games and film, eventually expanding to create their own games and films. In a media landscape dominated by memes, 80’s nostalgia and countless similar-styled review shows, AVGN’s influence cannot be overstated.

Now, in conjunction with the re-release of his 2013 and 2016 video games, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. Is proud to presentAVGN 1 & 2 Deluxe Video Game Soundtrack on limited edition vinyl! Enjoy Sam Beddoes’ retro score on this 3XLP Box Set, featuring new custom artwork by Mike Luckas with your favorite AVGN characters. This is a must have for fans of The Nerd and fans of old media in general!

Pressed on 3x colored vinyl and housed in a tri-fold jacket with all new artwork from Mike Luckas.
Disc 1: White Vinyl
Disc 2: White Vinyl with Brown Splatter
Disc 3: Brown Vinyl

Side A
1. Angry Video Game Nerd Adventures Theme
2. Naggi Sucks
3. Welcome to Gameland
4. Assholevania 
5. Happy Fun Candy Time
6. Future Fuckballs 2010
7. Blizzard of Balls
8. Thy Farts Consumed
9. Dungeons and Dickholes

Side B
1. Beat It and Eat It
2. Boo! Haunted House
3. Welcome to Glitched Game Land
4. Laughin’ Jokin’ Nubnuts
5. Boss Battle
6. Fred
7. The Final Battle
8. Stage Clear
9. Intermission

Side C
1. Assimilate
2. The Nerd Room
3. Overworld Theme
4. Hippo Hell
5. You’ll Get Caught Up
6. Dookie Dookie Panic
7. God Kelp Us

Side D
1. Crappy Croc Conundrum
2. Shitty Security Breach
3. Slide Down the Shaft
4. Whywhywhywhywhy
5. Ghouls ‘N’ Garbage
6. Deadly Danger Dungeon

Side E
1. Nerd vs. Ninjas
2. Raw Fish Rampage
3. Fightin’ with Fred
4. Two-Sided Die
5. Those Who Fart Further
6. Final Fred Fight
7. Boss Battle (AVGN 2)
8. Fucks Capacitor

Side F
1. The Final Battle (AVGN 2)
2. Stage Clear (AVGN 2)
3. Intermission
4. Tower of Torment
5. What The Fuck
6. Big Mother Trucker
7. Terrible Tower
8. Rabbit Season