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With its early releases, Ship To Shore PhonoCo. found a fanbase eager and excited to embrace the duo’s curatorial spirit. After releasing another string of horror LPs that included George A. Romero’s MartinManos: The Hands of Fate, the label bosses took to Kickstarter to seek funding for the soundtrack to Nintendo’s MOTHER, a video game score that had previously only been released in Japan. After hitting their $42,000 mark in less than 24 hours, Ship to Shore eventually received $77,000 for the project, once again affirming the label's belief that their tastes reflected a larger, underserved audience of collectors, listeners, and mega fans alike. As the label has found more success, Martell and Hamel have grown more comfortable expanding their vision and scope.

Alongside continuing their mission of resurrecting rare horror scores, the label has continued pursuing hard to find video game soundtracks (including MOTHER 2 and SNATCHER), rare albums from artists like Paul Williams (1968’s The Holy Mackerel), art-punks MX-80 SOUND, and a brand new release from Tiny Tim, titled Tiny Tim’s America. As Ship to Shore PhonoCo. continues to grow its audience, the variety of music they release will follow suit. It’s an exciting time to be a fan of all things weird, as Ship to Shore is making sure no corner of the horrifying, the occult, the avant-garde, and the hard to find gets neglected.