Rain World: Downpour (Original Game Soundtrack)

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Return to the unwavering wild in Downpour, where you explore new, harsh lands and survive new predators. As time passed, the slugcat has evolved. With five variants of the species - take advantage of various skills that they possess and explore their own personal tales.

Black Screen Records, Videocult and Akupara Games are excited to take you an aural journey into the strange land of “Rain World: Downpour”. Two LPs pressed on recycled & random-coloured "Re-Vinyl". The soundtrack is housed in a beautiful gatefold sleeve comes with UV spot varnish. The artwork was created by Kelocitta who has also reimagined the vinyl art for “Rain World”.

The “Rain World: Downpour” soundtrack is a collaborative work that was made possible by James Primate, Lydia Esrig, Intikus, Ongomato, Connor “12LBS” Skidmore and Progfox. A unique piece of music and very interesting mesh of different styles that truly bring the environment of Rain World to life. It’s fully enjoyable without the game itself.

The songs of “Rain World: Downpour” are a treat to experience, with some themes referencing the original soundtrack, such as “Threat – Waterfront Complex” or “Reflection of the Moon”, and some being whole new, entirely original tracks, such as “Breathing Hyometer”, “Fragile” and “Sheer Ice Torrent”. Once you’ve experienced the “Rain World” soundtrack and gotten a feel for the style of the artists who worked on the music, “Rain World: Downpour” is an amazing continuation to experience next

• Double LP on recycled & random-coloured "Re-Vinyl"
• Brand new gatefold design with UV spot varnish
• Soundtrack by James Primate, Lydia Esrig, Intikus, Ongomato, Connor “12LBS” Skidmore and Progfox
• Artwork by Kelocitta
• Remastered for vinyl format by Christian Bethge


A01 Downpour
A02 Together
A03 Task
A04 Overskog
A05 Landmarks
A06 Triptrap
A07 Sparkling Pendulum
A08 Satellite
A09 Threat - Waterfront Complex
A10 Aquaphobia

B01 Onto a New Dawn
B02 Not Your Rain
B03 Fragile
B04 Threat - Metropolis (Day)
B05 Breathing Hyometer
B06 Trusted Component
B07 Accidented Condition
B08 Threat - Pipeyard

C01 Chilblain Grace
C02 Vast Unlife
C03 Threat - Outer Expanse
C04 Veiled Northstar
C05 Reflection of the Moon
C06 Sheer Ice Torrent

D01 Lost City
D02 Orange Lizard
D03 Obverse Of The Old Wind
D04 New Else Viii
D05 Random Fate
D06 Scapeless Doubt
D07 Outro Them

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