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Equip & R23X - Nameless Dreamers

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

🌎 Worlds collide! ⚔️ Immerse yourself in a JRPG-inspired fantasy world expertly crafted by R23X and Equip! 

This release marks the culmination of years of collaboration, tours, and a friendship that reaches out beyond our own universe and into that of a fantastical and magikal place that our imaginations have only dreamt of until now. Nameless Dreamers is every vapor-head’s dream turned reality— the coalescence of two universes we have all come to love into one poignant and unimaginable quest into the ether and back.

Equip and R23X's high fantasy music collaboration is firmly rooted in “vaporwave”—a movement based on re-contextualizing existing music (like funk, muzak, elevator music, etc) by sampling and slowing it down. Vaporwave might just be the most nostalgia-obsessed genre of music there ever was. Despite its plunderphonic roots, the community has expanded the confines of the genre's pioneering works beyond relying on sampling existing music. Equip & R23X mine nostalgia by approaching vaporwave music from a 90s fantasy game music composer's perspective, favoring a blend of real and synthesized-sounding orchestral timbres. And thus created music that sounds like it could be from an RPG on Super Nintendo, Sega Saturn, or Playstation 1.


Side A

1. Menu
2. Severe Mountain Path
3. Bejeweled Grotto
4. Exploring Quartz Temple
5. Airship Theme (Fast Air Travel)
6. Why We Fight
7. Forest Jam

Side B

1. Camping
2. Unlock Ancient Magic
3. Retinal Geo Blade
4. Decisive Battle
5. Victory Fanfare
6. Goodbye
7. Flight / Plight