Tiny Tim - Tiny Tim's America... Naked - Digital Album


Tiny Tim's America began in 1974 when Tiny Tim recorded a rehearsal tape alone in his New York City hotel room.

In 2016, Ship To Shore PhonoCo., Richard Barone (Tiny's producer) and Eddie Rabin (Tiny's cousin / pianist) used these tapes to complete the album Tiny started 42 years prior.

Available now for the first time are the original unaltered tapes... naked. In the same vein as the Beatles Let It Be... Naked, you can now hear the original session tapes that would eventually become Tiny Tim's America.

ALL ABOARD! Tiny Tim is taking us for a wild ride down the gramophone horn as he resurrects the sounds of yesteryear -- his way.

Digital Edition comes with wav and mp3 versions of Tiny Tim's America... Naked as well as Tiny Tim's America. 


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