Tiny Tim & Harve Mann - In The Next Life: Lost & Found Volume 3 - Digital Album


This intriguing compilation features Tiny Tim and Harve Mann's studio work together, entertaining snippets of their telephone calls to each other, as well as a private concert that Tiny held for Mann and friends in his hotel room in which he demonstrated the differences in the crooning styles of Russ Columbo and Bing Crosby.

Tiny Tim never forgot the many years he spent scrapping around Greenwich Village, trying to find his ticket to stardom. Throughout his career, he championed fellow underdogs and used whatever clout he had to try and help many talents break into the show business mainstream. When Mann landed a gig backing Tiny at a state fair in Alabama in 1976, they quickly became friends and Tiny encouraged Harve's aspirations as a performer and championed his songwriting. Tiny's enthusiastic performances on Harve's compositions, “Perhaps in the Next Life,” “Haribee,” and “Shine Your Love,” make clear the regard Tiny had for Mann's songwriting. Hearing their phone calls together make clear the regard that the two men had for each other.

Digital Edition includes both wav and mp3 versions.

Track Listing:

1. Phone Snippet - Good Evening Mr. Tim / Son of Sir Lancelot (New York, NY) [1981]
2. Haribee (Tampa, Florida) [1977]
3. Phone Snippet - It's Perhaps In The Next Life (New York, NY) [1981]
4. Perhaps In The Next Life (Tampa, Florida) [1981]
5. Phone Snippet - Sir Lancelot's Calling (New York, NY) [1981]
6. Sighing (Tampa, Florida) [1977]
7. Phone Snippet - Big Voice & All My Loving (New York, NY) [1981]
8. Pittsburgh, PA (New York, NY) [1982]
9. Intro (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
10. The Spirit of Mr. Russ Columbo / Lost in a Crowd (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
11. My Love (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
12. Tiny's Thoughts on Russ Columbo (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976] [Explicit]
13. You Called It Madness (But I Called It Love) [Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL] [Oct. 3, 1976]
14. Prisoner of Love (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
15. How Long Will It Last? (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
16. Many Happy Returns of the Day (Hacienda Hotel, New Port Richey, FL) [Oct. 3, 1976]
17. Shine Your Love (Philadelphia, PA) [1984]
18. Phone Snippet - We Will Keep in Touch (New York, NY) [1981]
19. Eternal Troubadour - Harve Mann (2013)

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