Tiny Tim - Songs of an Impotent Troubadour [Expanded Edition] - Digital Album


An Impotent Troubadour
A Valentine's Message From Tiny Tim

Why do I call myself by that name? Because it is true. However, I still yearn and love to sing love songs to young, beautiful girls.
My private parts may not function too well, but my heart for love and romance is on fire.
May this message give encouragement to those who are impotent -
To keep singing
Even if your bell stops ringing

Tiny Tim, Valetine's Day, 1995

From the first moment I heard Tiny Tim, I wanted to give him a Trophy. He arrived straight up into the ranks of my two classic heroes, Louis Wain and Arthur Machen. This is a world where purity dare not show its face; where honesty is crushed by heartless wretches and hypocrites; where the sweet songs and sentiments of yesteryear are cynically scorned. But Thank God for Tiny Tim. A man who is aware of the deepest abysses of human nature - and of the goldentipped heights of heaven on earth to which only romance can bring us. It is my great pleasure and honour to be involved with this album; Tiny Tim sings from the heart - his heart - and from his experience. He's tramped the tearstained streets of showbusiness, looking for that fabled golden paving stone. And he has found it. But not in that Great Beast, that Scarlet Woman, that painted hussy that drips insincerity in her lie-by-numbers "entertainment" industry of today. Let me tell you his secret: he has found it in the fairytale world of beautiful women, where romance is never ending - if only you know how to read her book aright... This album reveals the inner Tiny Tim; listen and you will hear the truth that calls out from the soul of An Impotent - and Eternal! - Troubadour.
May God bless Tiny Tim - and never, never stop blessing him!

Digital Edition includes both wav and mp3 versions.

Track Listing

  1. Welcome To Tiny Tim's World (1:27)
  2. The Ice Skaters Song - 1994 (2:48)
  3. Poem For Elizabeth Taylor - 1947 (2:43)
  4. You're The Only One - Song For Elizabeth Taylor (0:29)
  5. Tiny Tim's Search For The Magic Princess (2:34)
  6. The Destruction Of The Captain America Collection (1:25)
  7. Tiny Tim's Quest For Elizabeth Taylor (4:09)
  8. When I'm Feeling Sad - 1948 (0:37)
  9. Jane - 1948 (0:34)
  10. Our Little Secret - 1958 (1:09)
  11. Stephanie - 1958 (2:04)
  12. Pretty Baby - 1958 (1:32)
  13. Don't Call Me Anymore - 1958 (2:07)
  14. Whispering Voices - 1958 (1:27)
  15. Heaven Only Knows - 1958 (0:58)
  16. Dear Tuesday - 1960 (2:29)
  17. Tiny Tim At The Café Bizarre (1:17)
  18. Hello Ellie Halsey - 1963 (2:42)
  19. Tiny Tim At Page Three (3:03)
  20. If I Could Ride A Spaceship - 1964 (4:31)
  21. Tiny Tim Records His 78 Classics (2:01)
  22. Spoiled - 1964 (1:49)
  23. Just Another Girl Called Judy - 1964 (0:49)
  24. Tiny Tim Receives "Siddhartha" From Miss Bluebell (0:27)
  25. The Tragedy Of Romance (1:55)
  26. Introducing Miss Dixie! (3:46)
  27. Forever Miss Dixie - 1982 (1:11)
  28. Tiny Tim Meets The Eternal Princess (4:30)
  29. Jessica Hahn I - 1989 (2:26)
  30. I Used To Love Jessica Hahn, But Now I Love Stephanie Bohn - 1990 (1:08)
  31. Jessica Hahn II - 1989 (1:01)
  32. Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year - 1980 (2:38)
  33. She Left Me With The Herpes - 1980 (1:57)
  34. The Ballad Of An Impotent Troubadour - 1995 - Tiny Tim (0:44)
  35. Just What Do You Mean By 'Antichrist'? - Tiny Tim with Current 93 and Nurse With Wound (11:27) 
  36. The Garden Of Your Heart / Turn Back the Universe / You Can't Get Lovin' (Where There Ain't Any Love) [Unreleased Medley from Songs of an Impotent Troubador] [Bonus Track]

Front cover: painting by Steven Stapleton; photograph courtesy of Donna Rose and Randy Reeves. Photograph on back of booklet by John Gasperick. Inner inlay photograph of Miss Stephanie and Tiny Tim by Barley Vogel. Photograph of Big Bucks Burnett by Stephanie Bohn. Back cover portrait by Danny Hurley for his kindness in letting us use his photograph of Tiny Tim.
Recorded July 6, 1994. Engineered by Phil York. Album concept by Big Bucks Burnett © Durtro 1995. all songs (p) Ourbouros 1995, except "Forever Miss Dixie", which is originally (p) Street Of Dreams 1982, and which has been kindly assigned to Ourbouros for the purpose of this release only. All songs by Tiny Tim, except "Heaven Only Knows", which was co-written by Tiny Tim and Bob Gonzalez.

And thank you for your support Miss Kat, Mr. Stapleton, Mr. Burnett, Mr. Sharp, Mr. Balance, Mr. P., Mr. Rice, Miss Allegra, Miss Alison, Mr., Gibson, Mr. Trench, Mr. Blackburn, Miss Babs and, of course, Mr. Tiny Tim himself.
Tiny asked me to point out that the "Aids" referred to in his classic composition "Santa Claus Has Got The Aids This Year" refers to the well-known weight-reducing candy bar, not the terrible disease, which came into the headlines some years after he wrote his song. I also wish to mention that this album does not contain all of Tiny's self-penned compositions, such as his wonderful tribute to Jim Morrison, Janis Joplin and Jimi Hendrix, "Why Did They have To Go?", and a couple of other songs which were felt to be too personal to be included here.
For this recording of "Just What Do You Mean By 'Antichrist'?", Current 93 and Nurse With Wound eternally lie and cry: David Tibet, Steven Stapleton, David Kenny, Cho Youngsou, with vocals by Tiny Tim.
David Michael Tibet, Tinyland, London, Valentine's Day, 1995

Mr. Burnett and Mr. Tibet would like to raise a special banner of praise to Mr. Martin Sharp, who kept the flame of Tiny Tim's greatness alight when almost everyone else had forgotten him. God bless him too! We are pleased to announce that this album is released on February 23rd, Miss Stephanie's special day. May God bless her as well!!


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