The Sadness (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Digital Album

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original motion picture soundtrack to Rob Jabbaz’s gory splatterfest The Sadness.

When an aggressively virulent form of rabies spreads across the city, two young lovers try to reconnect amongst the chaos and escape the hell they find themselves trapped within, all whilst evading scores of contaminated violent deviants.

Already making a name for itself with gorehounds due to its unflinchingly brutal look at the dark, sadistic desires inherent in humankind, The Sadness is a vehemently savage rollercoaster ride of a movie where blood, sweat and tears seemingly drip from the screen with abandon. Complementing the viscera is TZECHAR’s sublime electronic music score. Utilising modern production techniques infected with classic synth sounds and traditional Chinese instrumentations, the soundtrack is a compelling contemplative journey, akin to Tangerine Dream tinged with melancholy and an aggressive edge; a fever dream in aural form.

1. Murky Void
2. Morning
3. The Old Lady
4. The Chase (Going Home)
5. The Neighbour
6. The Chase (Leaving Home)
7. Crowded Train
8. The Businessman
9. My Lucky Day
10. Death Street
11. Boys Will Be Boys
12. Civility and Order
13. Kat and Jim
14. Having a Good Time
15. Man of Business
16. The Doctor
17. Altruism
18. The Reunion
19. The Sadness
20. Tis Freedom
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