Beyond the Door III (aka Amok Train) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present Carlo Maria Cordio’s original score to Beyond The Door III (aka Amok Train), on vinyl for the very first time! 

A simply gobsmacking head-on collision of The Omen & Runaway Train, amalgamated with classic Italian cinema nightmare-logic storytelling, Beyond The Door III continues the franchise’s trend of having no relation to other entries in the series to great effect.

A group of American students travel to a remote village in Yugoslavia for a school trip, but immolation, Satanic rituals, and a particularly devilish train turns this journey to the Balkans into a one-way trip to HELL!

Carlo Maria Cordio’s ethereal soundtrack sets the stage and keeps the movie’s phantasmic ambience fully on track, replete with dark soundstages and frightful stings. Cordio employs some of the classic horror musical tropes but with that late 80s synthesiser sound — expect church organs, ghostly choirs and spectral strings blended to create a score that is both imposing and airy in the way that only Carlo Maria Cordio could do.

Now finally pressed on vinyl, in a limited edition hot “Good Soup” pink variant and featuring liner notes from the movie’s director Jeff Kwitny, this is one LP release that horror film soundtrack fans will definitely not want to miss!



1. Shade of the Dead Mother 
2. Advance Through the Trees 
3. Charmed by Magic 
4. Dark Cloud of Coal 
5. Hall of the Ceremony 
6. In the Mists of Time 
7. Macabre Destination 
8. Shade of the Dead Mother 2 
9. To the Village 
10. The Hell Station 
11. Overwhelmed by the Amok Train 
12. Blood Rails 
13. Last Train to Hell 

1. In the Mists of Time 2 
2. Dark Cloud of Coal 2 
3. Overwhelmed by the Amok Train 2 
4. Macabre Destination 2 
5. Shade of the Death Mother 3
6. Tin Whistle Dance 
7. Blood Rails 2
8. Charmed by Magic 2
9. Overwhelmed by the Amok Train 3 
10. Last Train to Hell 2 
11. The Hell Station 2 
12. Escape to Safety 
13. The Wings of Freedom

ALSO AVAILABLE: DeComposing: The Music Of Carlo Maria Cordio, available here!

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