Scare Package & Scare Package II (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)


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Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original motion picture soundtracks to Shudder's Scare Package and Scare Package II!

An anthology duo with a difference, the Scare Package series began with a film-maker’s love for portmanteau horror. Wanting to take this beloved sub-genre to new heights, the idea of Scare Package was unleashed: collecting a bunch of fresh talent both in front of and behind the camera and assigning them the not-so-simple task of taking well-known horror tropes and turning them on their head-less corpses in a series of terror-tales with severed tongues planted firmly in swollen, rotting cheeks. The result became a much-beloved discovery for genre fans across the globe, proving to be so successful that Shudder commissioned the sequel Scare Package II: Rad Chad’s Revenge, which continued the primary mission of subverting the commonplace occurrences in the world of horror, to great - and gory - effect.

On scoring duty for both movies is Alex Cuervo, bringing the dark synthwave energy found in his releases as the artist Espectrostatic. Heavily influenced by the likes of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream and Goblin, but fused with his own brand of rock, Alex Cuervo’s infectious music score is the tight skin which binds the flesh & blood(y) proceedings together with unforgettable results. Now available on audio cassette with the score to the first movie on Side A and its sequel on Side B, this is one Scare Package you won’t regret opening.

Also available from Alex Cuervo: Revealer — Original Motion Picture Soundtrack:


SIDE A: Scare Package

1. Babysitting on Halloween
2. The Shears
3. I Wouldn't Do That
4. Rad Chad's Horror Emporium
5. I'm Dangerous
6. The Backwoods Slasher
7. Hunting a Creature
8. We Are Pure Carnal Instincts
9. The Lollipop
10. The Stalker
11. The Slumber Party
12. The Final Kill
13. The Final Final Kill
14. The Final Final Final Kill
15. The Final Final Final Final Kill
16. The Final Final Final Final Final Kill
17. The Final Final Final Final Final Final Kill
18. The Smoke
19. Battle of Mages
20. That's Horror Logic
21. The Devil's Lake Impaler
22. Heroes
23. The Impaler's Lair
24 You Mess With The Bull, You Get The Horns
25. Gotta Split
26. Everybody Dies in the End

SIDE B: Scare Package II: Rad Chad's Revenge

1. Everybody Dies in the End
2. Friends Forever, in Hell
3. Hey Tony
4. We'll Make Her One of Us
5. Party Like We've Never Partied Before
6. You Puked My Arm Off!
7. Is This Real?
8. Liquid Courage
9. The Night He Came Back Again
10. The Cabin
11. Doctor Castle
12. Copycat
13. The Final Will
14. The Night SHE Came Back 
15. Sam's Always There
16. And That's What Makes Us Special
17. Special Edition
18. Stabby
19. Lil' Chad, Big Problems
20. Such Sights to Show
21. You're the Square
22. The Lab
23. That's My Girlfriend You Dead Freak
24. Mad Science
25. We're SO Dead
26. A Good Old Fashioned Show Down
27. The Showdown
28. The Guy from Jurassic Park
29. It Was Reanimator
30 The Impaler Returns
31. Play Me

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