Jethica (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to present the original film soundtrack to Jethica, on limited edition audio cassette!

Jessica has a problem: his name is Kevin. Kevin is a stalker. After randomly bumping into Elena, an old friend from her school days, Jessica hides out in Elena’s trailer in the middle of the desert. Kevin, unfortunately for everyone involved, is very persistent…

A mumblecore drama seemingly set in the universe of a supernatural horror film, with an air of comedy so dry it perfectly matches its sandy setting, Jethica has become a low-key indie darling due to the deadpan performances of its leads, twisting narrative and atmospheric electronica music. John Bowers’ score emphasises the pervasive nature of the movie’s themes, evoking isolation, dread and elation in equal measures. Offbeat redemption has never sounded so good!

Also available for streaming on all major platforms.



1. Jethica Theme (Backseat)
2. Benny Pulse (Opening)
3. Who Did You Kill?
4. Eerie Altar
5. Jethica Theme (Landscape)
6. Kevin Pulse (Gas Station)
7. I Had a Stalker
8. Trailer Arrival
9. Kevin Pulse (Pink Sunset)
10. Dark Hallway
11. Kevin Pulse (Ruins)
12. Trunk Reveal
13. Ghost Rules
14. Kevin Pulse (Outside)
15. Jethica Theme (Nighttime)


16. People
17. Sunrise Rant
18. Rant (Cow Variation)
19. Gravedigging
20. Ghost Fight
21. I Killed You
22. Kevin Pulse (Burial)
23. Benny Pulse (I'm Dead)
24. Jethica Theme (Next Realm)
25. Funny
26. Friendly Twitch Stream
27. Trailer Song

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