Fried Barry - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the physical release of Fried Barry: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack by HAEZER! HAEZER taps into a parallel universe where Boards Of Canada melded with Brian Eno and produced nothing but Darkwave ambient nightmares with this score to the trippy South African comedy horror sci-fi movie Fried Barry, a motion picture that achieved much critical acclaim on its recent festival run. Fried Barry sees our titular character - a drug addict and ne'er-do-well - abducted and used as a living avatar for an alien being intent on going on a joyride through Cape Town to learn about the Human experience.

HAEZER's score becomes the beating heart of the film and is stuffed with enough bass pulses, electronic soundscapes and nerve-scraping string motifs to satiate any fan of dark ambient, film scores or experimental electronic music.

The LP is available to pre-order now on limited edition “Barry's Brain” splatter vinyl, featuring artwork by Christopher Shy and a full color insert with liner notes from Fried Barry Writer / Director / Producer Ryan Kruger!

The CD features 2 bonus tracks not featured on the LP.


Side A
1. Earth to Barry
2. Fried Ambience
3. Abduction
4. Hey Baby
5. Fallen
6. Hey Baby II
7. I’m Not Well
8. About to Blow
9. Barry Theme

Side B
1. The Kids Are Not Alright
2. TrrrrrrrrT
4. Enter the Box
5. The Box
6. Confused Barry
7. Barry Dies
8. Fried Homecoming Pt. 1
9. Fried Homecoming Pt. 2

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