Chili Buddy Talking Plush Doll



It’s Chili Buddy, the chili bandit! The cuddly buddy whose tummy is perpetually hungry… for chili!The Chili Buddy is always ready to go on an adventure with you, his second best friend! Squeeze his soft innards to hear him talk like he’s a REAL sentient being!* But WATCH OUT! He just loves to fill his squidgy stomach with piping hot chili and he won’t be shy letting you know about it!
  • As seen on Shudder’s The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs!
  • Says 8 different phrases! 
  • Soft to the touch!
  • Probably won’t murder you in your sleep!**
Chili is num-num for his tum-tum so make sure you always have plenty of Texas-style chili in your cupboards, otherwise you’re a terrible person and should feel ashamed of yourself!

Do you feel ashamed of yourself? Buy your own Chili Buddy as retail therapy!
Terrible parent? Buy a Chili Buddy for your children to make them love you!
Currently drunk? Buy TWO Chili Buddies!

Basically, send us money and we’ll send you your Chili Buddy in the mail! It’s how transactions on the internet work!

*The Chili Buddy is not a real sentient being and has been officially classified as non-living by the Department Of Self-Awareness.

**Ship to Shore PhonoCo. cannot guarantee that Chili Buddy won’t murder you or any other members of your household, tenancy building, housing block, trailer park, small town, city, county, state, country, continent or planet, in your sleep. If in doubt, please seek immediate help.

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