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Metal Slug X - Original Video Game Soundtrack

This is a distributed title that the Ship to Shore team thinks you'll love!

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to offer an exclusive yellow marble vinyl variant of Wayô Records release of SNK's METAL SLUG X.

Experience this classic OST like never before, with newly remastered audio and for the first time on vinyl, packaged with glorious artwork from the SNK archive.
Side A

1. THE MILITARY SYSTEM -X- [Operation Explanation, Ranking]
2. BARRACKS -X- [Character Select]
3. JUDGMENT -X- [Stage 1-1]
4. STEEL BEAST 6BEATS -X- [Boss Theme A]
5. PREHISTORIC SITE -X- [Stage 2-1]
6. THE CENOTAPH -X- [Stage 2-3]
7. FIRST CONTACT -X- [Boss Theme B, Stage 6-2]
8. LIVIN ON THE DECK -X- [Stage 3-1]

Side B

1. ASSAULT THEME -X- [Boss Theme C, Stage 6-1]
2. BACK TO THE CHINA -X- [Stage 4-1]
3. NEW GODOKIN STREET -X- [Stage 5-1]
4. KISS IN THE DARK -X- [Stage 5-2]
5. METAMORPHOSIS -X- [Stage 5-3]
6. GRAVESTONE -X- [Game Over]
7. FINAL ATTACK -X- [Stage 6-3]
8. END TITLE AGAIN -X- [Final Performance]
9. MS_X_ENDING -X- [End Credits]
10. CARRY OUT -X- [Stage Clear]


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