Momoko Kikuchi - Adventure


Unavailable on vinyl since its original release in Japan and Hong Kong circa 1986, Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is very proud to present Momoko Kikuchi’s J-Pop masterpiece Adventure back on wax where it belongs!

Momoko Kikuchi - already a bonafide pop idol in her native Japan - released Adventure a mere two months after her eighteenth birthday, her smooth vocals complimenting the electronic music like caramel sauce over vanilla ice cream. When people talk about the sound of 80’s Japanese City Pop, this is what they’re referring to. 

Newly remastered from original archival material and pressed onto limited edition purple vinyl, this is a must-have for collectors and music aficionados alike!

Side A

1. Overture
2. Adventure
3. もう逢えないかもしれない
4. 波になりたい
5. Night Cruising

Side B

6. 雨の Realize
7. 赤い稲妻
8. Good Friend
9. Mystical Composer
10. Tomorrow

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