Slaughterhouse - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack VAS

VAS Spine #06

“These aren’t the hands of an orange picker, these are the hands of a skilled butcher!”

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is squealing with delight as the grimy 1987 slasher Slaughterhouse becomes part of the VAS collection!

The Video Audio System (“VAS”): soundtracks to cult classic films on audio cassette, paired with a digital download containing the music and the movies in bone-chilling high definition!

When Lester & Buddy Bacon find their antiquated slaughterhouse is facing foreclosure, they gear themselves up for a slice of sadistic revenge which eventually spirals out of control, trapping a group of trespassing teens who are clandestinely using their premises as a location for a horror video… 

As much a satire on the meat industry as it is a slasher movie, Slaughterhouse is a spiritual follow-up to 70’s shocker The Texas Chain Saw Massacre,managing to grind the tonal meat of goofy fun one second and genuinely horrifying brutality the next, splattered with a wonderful selection of songs to keep the machine well-oiled, featuring 80s synth pop, 50s-style rockabilly, and a big jazz band opening title cue that won’t leave your head for days…


Relive the glory days of physical media with VAS! Hear Evil! See Evil!

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