Basket Case 2 & 3 - Original Motion Picture Soundtracks VAS

VAS Spine #07

What’s in the basket now?!

Ship to Shore PhonoCo. is proud to announce the release of Basket Case 2 & Basket Case 3 as part of our VAS collection!

The Video Audio System: soundtracks to cult classic films on audio cassette, paired with a digital download containing the music and the movies in bone-chilling high definition!

-- Basket Case 2:

Duane Bradley and his monstrous twin Belial are back in Frank Henenlotter’s outrageous sequel to his no budget tour de force Basket Case! 

While evading the authorities after surviving a near fatal fall from a hotel window, Duane and Belial are taken in by “unique individuals” sympathiser Granny Ruth and are given refuge in a wayward home for frightful freaks. Unfortunately some sleazy journalists are hot on their trail, and Duane soon realises that if he is to have any kind of normal future he will have to embrace his murderous past…

“I understand your pain, but ripping the faces off people may not be in your best interest.”

-- Basket Case 3:

Belial is going to be a father! But due to complications with the pregnancy, Granny Ruth, estranged brother (and soon to be uncle) Duane, and the rest of the “unique individuals” household, head out on the open road to seek specialist medical help. Unfortunately a less than understanding sheriff and his deputies soon butt-heads with the gammy group, culminating in all-out war… Can Duane and Belial put the events of the past behind them and join forces once again?

“Jeez, this is gonna be some family.”

Joe Renzetti accentuates the proceedings with a synth score that is both playful and foreboding, contrasting the crazy comedy and shocking horror perfectly. This release features the complete scores to both Basket Case 2 and Basket Case 3 - a must-own for fans of the series!


Relive the glory days of physical media with VAS! Hear Evil! See Evil!

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