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2021. Well, that was quite the time wasn't it? As years go it could have been better. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't quite as bad as, say, 536, 1348 or 1944. But there have certainly been more enjoyable years. I could name them but that would be massively time-consuming, and if 2021 - and its predecessor 2020 - have proven anything, it's that time is not something to be taken for granted (assuming of course that time exists which some scientists say it doesn't OHMYGODMYFUCKINGBRAIN) but anyway, as the Earth gets close to starting a new lap around the Sun whilst the solar system hurtles through the void of space at 448,000 mph, I thought it would be nice to commemorate the occasion with a digital mix featuring tracks from each of our physical titles which were released throughout the year in 2021 and putting it up for free in our Mixcloud channel WSTS Picaroon Platters Radio. 

So that's what I did. And here it is! It's a mix featuring, well, a little bit of everything we released in 2021: City Pop, Rock, Film Soundtracks, Video Game Soundtracks, and much more besides! It's really just another little way of saying thank you to all of you who stuck with us throughout the year, who were patient enough with all of the shipping & manufacturing delays, and who were just generally nice to us. You know who you are -- THANK YOU!

You can listen to the mix straight from the Mixcloud website here:

Or you can use the handy widget, stamped into the page like a brand on a Texas cow, right under this paragraph! As per usual, for those of you who don't like to go in blind, you can see a more thorough tracklist if you scroll down. Did any of your favourite tracks make the cut? The whole endeavour was compiled & mixed by yours truly, so if there's a track you wish had been included instead then you can complain to me directly by sending an email to no@davidbowiescodpieceinlabyrinth.egg.



Ship to Shore PhonoCo.'s Year In Music: 2021

(An End-Of-Year Retrospective)


WSTS Picaroon Platters Radio

The tracklist:


1. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Peace! Peace! Level Up!"
From: Esper Dream 2


2. Joseph Garrison - "Title Theme"
From: Slaughterhouse (Music From The Original Motion Picture)


3. Pyongyang Gold Stars - "The Sun Always Shines On T.V."
From: Take On Us! Pyongyang Gold Stars Play Great Popular Hits Vol. 1


4. Fabio Frizzi (performing as General Master) - "Mastermix"
From: From The Archives Vol. 1: Frizzi Beyond Fulci


5. Jay Chattaway - "The Chase"
From: Maniac Cop (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
VAS-004 / STS-102


6. Garoad - "Lights"
From: Passenger


7. Makeup and Vanity Set - "Power Path"
From: Overpass (Original Video Game Soundtrack)


8. OSC - "Knock Blockers (Boss Theme)"
From: CrawlCo Block Knockers (Original Game Soundtrack)


9. Joe Bob & The Lone Stars - "Zombie Jamboree"
From: Monster Mash EP


10. Fat Bard - "Bravo Lima Alfa Sierra Tango"
From: Jet Lancer (Original Video Game Soundtrack)


11. Yakuza Heart Attack - "Hyper Fun Zone"
From: Yakuza Heart Attack II



12. Bit Shifter - "Particle Charge"
From: Information Chase


13. John Brennan - "Joe Bob Is Back In Town (Acoustic Version)"
From: The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs (Original Series Soundtrack)


14. Lena Raine - "First Steps (Piano Only)"
From: Celeste: Complete Sound Collection


15. Tales Sound Team - "A Prologue"
From: Tales Of Symphonia (Original Video Game Soundtrack)


16. Joe Renzetti - "Welcome To Potter's Bluff"
From: Dead & Buried (Original Soundtrack)


17. Jean-Félix Lalanne - "Le temps du répit"
From: Deadly Games: Dial Code Santa Claus (Original Soundtrack)


18. Artur Kordas - "Dream" 
From: Darkwood (Original Game Soundtrack)


19. Glitch Black - "Onslaught"
From: Mechanical Perfection


20. Haezer - "The Kids Are Not Alright"
From: Fried Barry (Original Soundtrack)


21. Tiny Tim - "Marvelous Mervo's Theme"
From: Blood Harvest - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack EP


22. Ryan Ike - "Misbehave (In This Cave)"
From: West Of Loathing (Original Soundtrack)


23. NAMCO Sound Team - "Cave Of Glimmer Moss"
From: Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil (Original Soundtrack)


24. Piper - "Love Song"
From: I'm Not In Love



25. John Brennan - "Spookies Rap"
From: Shudder Presents: The Last Drive-In Spookies Special VHS / The Last Drive-In With Joe Bob Briggs (Original Series Soundtrack)
STS-VHS02 / STS-142



26. Joe Renzetti - "Personality"
From: Basket Case 3 (Original Soundtrack)


27. CAPCOM Sound Team - "We Are The 3 Bonne Brothers"
From: Mega Man Legends (Original Video Game Soundtrack)


28. Konami Kukeiha Club - "Moonspin (Last Exit)"
From: Gradius ReBirth


29. Konami Kukeiha Club - "The Esper Dream"
From: Esper Dream


30. Masashi Kitamura + Phonogenix - "Variation I"
From: Prologue For Post Modern Music


31. Joe Renzetti - "Freaks & Granny Barbecue"
From: Basket Case 2 (Original Soundtrack)


32. CAPCOM Sound Team - "Staff Roll (US - EU Version)"
From: Mega Man Legends 2 (Original Video Game Soundtrack)


33. John Brennan - "I Found Heaven"
From: No Offense, None Taken


34. Makeup and Vanity Set - "Human Stillness"
From: Music System


35. Robert Smith Jr & Ross Huddleston - "Forgetting You (Love Theme from Manos)"
From: Manos: The Hands Of Fate (Music From The Original Motion Picture)




Oh, you're still here? That's nice. So, erm... well. Ah! You're probably wondering what we've got lined up for you in 2022. Well, we can't say much at the moment - mostly because we're too busy packing & sending all the Celeste Complete Sound boxsets some of you managed to snap up - but there will definitely be some new releases for you to get your needle grooved into, not to mention a few represses of sold-out favourites... 

Here's to a - hopefully - better new year! Oh and Happy Holidays! 

- Mark Anthony Finch


You can see some of the titles from this mix - and many more besides - in our webstore!


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