May 18, 2021 1 min read

Vinyl-a-Day 50: *GUEST ENTRY* The Move - “Message From the Country” (Harvest, 1971)

The Move - “Message From the Country” (Harvest, 1971)

Today’s post comes from my friend and music aficionado Philip Painchaud. He is a legal professional who worked in finance on Capitol Hill, researched for the ACLU and edited superior court decisions. He is now a full time beach bum in South Carolina. From Philip...

Whether you're consciously aware of it or not, you're familiar with the music of Jeff Lynne. He had numerous charting singles/soundtrack favorites with Electric Light Orchestra, plus produced and co-wrote albums for Tom Petty, George Harrison, Paul Mccartney, Del Shannon, Regina Spektor, Roy Orbison, and The Traveling Wilburys. John Lennon referred to him as Son of Beatles, for taking "I am the Walrus" to the next level with his own blend of baroque art-pop. Prior to this string of notable charting projects, he was a late hired member of Roy Wood's UK Psychedelic group "The Move." Today's guest spot Vinyl of the Day is 1971's "Message From the Country," the final LP from the group. It actually debuted after the initial Electric Light Orchestra album and features the same lineup of Roy Wood, Jeff Lynne and Bev Bevan. Here you can clearly hear the influence of late period Beatles, but also a sign of the mark Lynne would leave on the history of pop/rock with ethereal vocal harmonies and ambitious arrangements. Dip your toes into the title track, No Time, The Words of Aaron and Ella James to initiate yourself with this sorely overlooked UK masterpiece. It's psychedelic and manages to sound both familiar and otherworldly. Dig it.

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