April 14, 2021 1 min read

The Dave Clark Five - “Glad All Over” (Epic, 1964)
I’m imagining a party in 1964, which I was never at, before streaming, where we we only had a copy of this album and danced to its rollicking 24 minutes over and over from 8pm until 4am, breaking only to tape a quarter to the top of the stylus after some klutz scuffed some of the grooves while flipping the LP over... Anyway, that never happened, but this album is a clear example of why the British groups quickly eclipsed the pretty boy rockers who emerged in the US when the Golden Age of Rock 'n' Roll began to peter out. It was difficult picking a DC5 album as they had a whopping 17 top 40 hits, but this first one, featuring their breakout - and biggest - hit “Glad All Over” and the just as notable follow up “Bits and Pieces,” is the only album of theirs I could blast start to finish all night long. Other highlights include their hit cover of The Countours’ “Do You Love Me,” the raw and rocking instrumental "Chaquita,” and the pop gem "No Time to Lose.”

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