March 08, 2021 1 min read

Vinyl-a-Day 41: The Deep - “Psychedelic Moods: A Mind Expanding Phenomena” (Cameo-Parkway, 1966)
The Deep - “Psychedelic Moods: A Mind Expanding Phenomena” (Cameo-Parkway, 1966)

It seems in the last few weeks I’ve mostly found myself engrossed in these studio group, psychedelic albums which appear to dominate my collection. I’m working my way out of this reverse fuzz guitar drenched wormhole, but before that happens... It’s mostly accepted that this album was the first to use “Psychedelic” in its title. The Deep’s lead vocalist and guitarist Rusty Evans pitched to to-be legendary songwriter and record producer Mark Barkan (I actually had the pleasure of interviewing Mr. Barkan for my book on Tiny Tim. Sadly, he passed away last year at the age of 85) the idea of recording an album which would give the listener an idea of what it is like to take an acid trip. I would liken the final outcome to a more spaced version of The Blues Magoos, ? and the Mysterians or the 13th Floor Elevators. However, instead of the solid pop hooks of those more successful groups, The Deep relied on stream of consciousness lyrics (No joke, this is a continuous lyric: “Polka dot...mind rot...jingle bell...William Tell...silver lagoon!”), studio techniques like tape loops, reverse sounds, distorted guitars, and sound effects like sex moans, tubular bells and bullfrog croaks... Wow, that last part sounds like one of the album’s lyrics. Though ignored at the time, this album fits nicely in a Psychedelic Music: Next Steps playlist.

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