February 09, 2021 2 min read

Vinyl-a-Day 33: *GUEST POST* Tony Hazzard - Tony Hazzard sings Tony Hazzard (CBS, 1969)
Tony Hazzard - Tony Hazzard sings Tony Hazzard (CBS, 1969)
Monday is guest day, and my very special guest post this week is from the baroque pop group the Electric Looking Glass - check out their musical recommendation as well as their own music as they’re the real deal, not only in sound but in presentation as well. From the Electric Looking Glass... 
Tony Hazzard was an English songwriter in the mid to late 60's who wrote hits for all of our favorite pop groups. So it’s no wonder that his debut LP, Tony Hazzard sings Tony Hazzard (1969) is so fantastic!
Like Graham Goldman who was also in the shadows as a writer, so many of these songs ended up being adopted by the top groups in the UK circa 67-69 while the writer was left in obscurity. It's not psychedelic nor is it quite bubblegum but the album oozes pure pop sophistication! Not unlike a maraschino cherry bobbing in a sparkling champagne cocktail. Upon release the album went nowhere but we feel these versions hold up just as well if not better than the renditions the larger acts made famous.
"Listen to Me" was the last song from The Hollies to feature Graham Nash before his departure. It's not surprising that Tony Hicks of the Hollies handles guitar duties on this platter. The Mike D'abo era (our fave) of Manfred Mann made "Fox on the Run" and "Ha Ha Said the Clown" two signature songs. "Goodnight Sweet Josephine" was done by the last incarnation of the Yardbirds with Jimmy Page and to our taste, the best song they did. (Yeah we said that!) This album often never leaves the turntable weeks at a time. Every song is perfect!

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