November 14, 2018 2 min read

In our brand-new mini-documentary, The Sound And The Fury: Composing Troma's War, composer Chris DeMarco shares with us the entire behind-the-scenes story of his iconic soundtrack to Troma's War.

Featuring liner notes from both composer DeMarco and Troma's WAR director and President of Troma Entertainment Lloyd Kaufman, this limited edition album is available on pressed on fireball (red, white and orange) splatter vinyl - HERE!

It has been a year since our release of Chris DeMarco's score for Troma's cult-classic, Troma's War. Ship To Shore co-founders Justin Martell and Aaron Hamel grew up as huge fans of Troma and Troma's War, and later worked together at Troma on a variety of projects including Return To Nuke 'Em High: Volumes 1 & 2 and Lloyd Kaufman's latest effort Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm, which is currently in post-production. Accordingly, our release of the Troma's War soundtrack was quite a personal project.

As STS began developing this release, composer Chris DeMarco regaled us with stories about how he wound up writing the film's synth-drenched score. We had no idea that DeMarco had ended up with the job only after while working as an extra in the film, he stole a few minutes of co-director Lloyd Kaufman's time to play for him some his demos on a boom box. Or that he, haunted by flashbacks from his own experiences in the Vietnam War, composed swaths of the soundtrack based on his engineer's descriptions of the carnage contained within the reels sent to their studio from the Troma building.

In celebration of the one year since our special edition release of the Troma's War soundtrack, please enjoy The Sound And The Fury: Composing Troma's War:

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