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April 17, 2020 1 min read

Yes, we're on day 647826969873 or maybe 647826969874 of quarantine. Each day feels like an emotional rollercoaster but hey, at least we know that we're not alone on the ride. During these unprecedented times, it feels easy to say "Be Productive!" or "Remember that time you wished for? Well, here it is!" but in reality, the weight of the daily news coupled with the anxiety of the unknown can feel utterly stifling.

Fortunately, there are incredible artists out there in the world with the ability to recognize their emotions, shake 'em up, and create something unique and wonderful out of a dark situation. There are artists at Ship To Shore PhonoCo. that have done just that.

Three of our artists, Candy John, John Brennan, and Stella Emmett have released new work for the digital release of Burger Records' massive pandemic compilation 'QUARANTUNES: Songs From Self-Isolation'. This 7-volume series features over 140 different artists with all songs written and recorded over the past three weeks #stayinghome and #stayingsafe. 'QUARANTUNES' is now available on BANDCAMP. 

All 7 volumes are available at: www.burgerrecords.bandcamp.com

Check out Ship To Shore artists Candy John, John Brennan, and Stella Emmett:

Find Candy John on Volume 4: https://burgerrecords.bandcamp.com/album/quarantunes-songs-from-self-isolation-4

Check out John Brennan on Volume 5:
Listen to Stella Emmett on Volume 6:
Take care, stay safe and keep those hands clean!

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