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Fed up with receiving records in the mail with those dastardly seam splits?
Bored of feeling like a second-rate record collector because you're not given the executive treatment?

"But wait!" you ask. "What's a seam split?" 

A seam split is unfortunately a common issue when shipping records through the postal system. It occurs when the record is jostled around in the packaging, causing the vinyl to move and “split” through the jacket itself. While it doesn’t happen all the time, it is sadly an inherent risk with mail order records.

Sounds awful, right? 

"Yes," you're probably saying. "It does. Is there any way to completely avoid this from happening? Can you tell me?"

Yes, I can tell you. The only way to completely avoid this from happening is to remove the record prior to packing and to have it ship outside the sleeve.

"Sounds like a pain," I can somehow hear you mumble. "Is that a service you can offer?"

Well, as it happens... YES WE CAN!

Ooo crikey, it's our new


While all our items are always packed carefully some things are generally unavoidable when shipping records in the mail, particularly when it comes to the record jacket: corner dings, slight creases, and of course the dreaded SEAM SPLIT. Sometimes your records need some TLC!  

For a little extra protection, select the White Glove Shipping Service add-on. The Ship to Shore PhonoCo. team will designate only the sexiest members of staff to hand-pick everything, ensuring that those nasty shipping gremlins (or ghoulies if you prefer) are avoided as much as humanly possible. Think of it as an extra layer of insurance to ensure your order arrives in as perfect condition as can be. 

To avoid seam split damage, we carefully - whilst wearing alluring white gloves - remove the vinyl from its jacket and original inner sleeve, and place it in a brand new blank poly-lined inner sleeve for protection. It is then shipped outside of its original jacket and inner sleeve in the same package. Everything is beautifully preserved and you can feel safe in the knowledge that your jacket will arrive sans the nasty splitting of seams that can haunt even the most relaxed of vinyl enthusiasts, all whilst being overseen by members of the Ship to Shore PhonoCo. team who you would clearly score a 6 or more if you met them at a bar or all-you-can-eat buffet.

Please note that you only need one add-on per order, not one per item.
Selecting this service may produce slightly longer shipping times.


The more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that shipping has slowed down a little since the advent of 2023. Well, there's a very good reason for that!

You know the old saying: "New year, new warehouse" right? Of course you do. Well personally we'd never heard it before - probably because we're not that cool & sophisticated - but when we heard the words whispered into our ears while we slept one chilly October eve' (more on that another time), the seed to grow our business was planted oh so deep. But what does this all mean to you, our loyal supporters? Read on to find out!


Our new warehouse (artist's interpretation)


Our warehouse change has also meant a move to a new fulfilment centre. Gone are the days of our manager having to slap our office minions with whips made of tagliatelle in order to get hundreds of packages out in one day. Gone are the days when you would have to wait 7 days for your in-stock items to ship. And gone are the days when we would have to dodge crusty zombies whilst trying to count stock of the latest Last Drive-In VHS release due to our old warehouse being built over one of the seven doorwarys to Hell as outlined in the Book of Eibon. Now you can expect much faster shipping times without the risk of finding one of our severed fingers inadvertently included in your parcel — details of this, and other changes, are handily available below this very paragraph (and also on our FAQ page here)!





In-stock items will be generally shipped within 24 hours (1 working day) of the order being placed. This time period may be extended during busy periods.

Pre-order titles will be shipped once the stock arrives — please refer to the specific product page for up-to-date information on shipping dates. 

Please note that orders containing multiple items are shipped together. Should your order contain a mix of both in-stock and pre-order items, your order will only ship once ALL items are in stock.



Unfortunately we will no longer be able to combine or split an order once it has been placed. Please make sure that you have the right products / quantity in your basket before hitting the order button. 



From now on, all sales are final. In very exceptional circumstances we may be able to assist you in cancelling an order if you contact us within 24 hours of the order being placed, however please note that if the order has already been sent to our fulfilment centre or has entered the shipping process we will not be able to cancel the shipment or amend the order.




Our move is not, at time of writing this, quite finished yet, but we are expected to be up & running in our new warehouse with our new fulfilment centre on the 1st of February. Until then deliveries will continue to be delayed somewhat and we thank you for you patience and understanding. 

- Mark Anthony Finch


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