August 10, 2020 2 min read

On a late summer night, across the globe, webcams lit up and together we formed like Voltron (that is if Voltron was more of a grid of live video feeds rather than comprised of lion mechs, although, there was a cat in my vicinity so I’m sticking to this metaphor.) Giants of the soundtrack industry unite! Mondo, Milan Records, Enjoy the Ride, Tiger Lab, Invada, Terror Vision, and your friends here at Ship to Shore all together to celebrate their upcoming releases to the millions (or thousands) in attendance at home, live on YouTube. 

For my first live fully digital quarantine San Diego Comic Con experience, as a fan and a panelist, I could not have asked for a better time. The atmosphere was light and playful but also filled with the excitement coming from the comment section, as fans were welcomed to ask questions before each label made their release announcements. It was great seeing everyone’s work appreciated and applauded, as well as being able to have the fan interaction that comes with the convention experience.

Ship to Shore PhonoCo was proud to announce our new contemporary releases with Attack of the Demons, Swallow, The Wretched, Shudder’s Cursed Films, and The Head Hunter


Each release will have a unique color variant and is expected to be available in Fall 2020.  



In addition to our vinyl releases, we were able to officially announce a brand -new product: V.A.S. Video Audio System. V.A.S. is a brand new way to absorb and collect media. Each release comes with VHS styled clam box case holding an audio cassette of the film, as well as a 1080p digital download of the film itself. For the first time ever, you have a collectable mantle-piece, a retro media soundtrack, and a Blu-ray quality film all in one release. Our first two V.A.S. releases are cult classics, Demon Wind and Blood Harvest. Mark your calendars, V.A.S. will launch on Black Friday.






Now to nerd out on fellow panelists. I am wildly excited about Tiger Lab’s Devil Man: Demon Bird and Vampire Hunter D releases. Also looking forward to getting my hands on Milan Record’s Ghosts of Tsushima and Cowboy Bebop releases(but I clearly have a thing for Japanese fantasy violence.)


Milan Records' upcoming release of Cowboy Bebop is a sight to behold...


On a different wave of the spectrum, Enjoy the Ride is coming out with a fantastic Ren and Stimpy release and straight from the underground, Terror Vision announced they were coming out with the soundtrack to The Gate, one of my favorite ‘kids summon demons through the power of heavy metal’ movies. Oh, and you didn’t hear it from us, but Mondo teasing the TRON: Legacy and Mandalorian Season One soundtracks was HUGE.

2020 has been a rough time so far, but the vinyl soundtrack community is going on strong.

- Seager Harrison Dixon 


You can watch the Art Of Soundtracks panel discussion right here!



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