June 01, 2020 1 min read

Yes, 30 years have indeed passed since Frank Henenlotter’s classic comedy horror film, FRANKENHOOKER made its debut at the 1990 Houston International Film Festival. Crazy how time flies! 


Here’s the synopsis in a nutshell: Jeffrey (memorably played by James Lorinz), a young New Jersey man and med school dropout is heartbroken after his fiancée Elizabeth (Patty Mullen) is killed by a lawnmower during a family cookout (you should be sold by now). So, as most former med students who are obsessed with bringing dead body parts back to life would do, he decides to cope by using his science skills to bring her back to life. The story unfolds from there in delightfully absurd and horrific ways. 


The film received mixed reviews upon its initial release for its title alone, but over the years has gained cult status for multiple reasons including Patty Mullen’s iconic performance, the film’s no-holds-barred silliness, low budget gore, and strangely socially aware ending.

Scoring duties on Frankenhooker were given to Oscar-winning composer Joe Renzetti, a familiar name to horror fans who know and love his scores to Child’s Play and Dead & Buried. Instead of going for the obvious, campy approach, Renzetti plays it straight, letting his moody, sometimes unsettling music act as counterpoint to the absurd on screen happenings.


If you’re a fan of Frankenhooker and are looking for some sweet vinyl action, you can get the score on red/black swirl OR purple vinyl from our website here


- Aimee Kuge

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